June Kim, a media artist and academic who currently works at the UNSW Art & Design. Her research interest lies in the Virtual Reality as an artistic medium to practice and research in the notion of relationality between ‘I’ and ‘surroundings’. Her works and talks were presented in various conferences and festivals including SIGGRAPH, SIGGRAPH Asia, FMX, ISEA, SAS, Seoul Forum, VRCAI, Web3D and OnOff 1001010 Symposium.


jan 2024 - current
UNSW Art & Design

Associate lecturer
jan 2021 - dec 2023
UNSW Art & Design

Casual Academic
july 2018 -june 2019

march 2018 - june 2019 University of Sydney, Sydney, Australia

Sessional Lecturer
feb 2017 - jun 2017
Faculty of Creative Industries, QUT, Brisbane, Australia

Research associate
aug 2016 - jul 2016
Faculty of Science & Engineering, QUT, Brisbane, Australia

Research assistant
may 2014 - jul 2016
Centre for Medical & Health Science Education,
The University of Auckland, Auckland, New Zealand

Teaching assistant
jul 2014 - dec 2014
CoLab, AUT, Auckland, New Zealand


Multimedia developer
sep 2016 - may 2017
Learning & Teaching Unit, QUT, Brisbane, Australia

Learning technologist
mar 2014 - may 2015
Centre for Learning & Teaching, AUT, Auckland,
New Zealand

Lead editor & compositor | color stylist & animator
jun 2010 - jan 2012
Development dept. Flux animation studio, Auckland, New Zealand


Master of Creative Technologies (honour)
mar 2014 - jul 2015
CoLab, AUT, Auckland, New Zealand

Graduate Diploma of Multimedia
feb 2004 - nov 2004
The school of Communication studies, AUT, Auckland, New Zealand

Bachelor of Business - Information Technology
jul 2002 - dec 2003
The school of Business studies, AUT, Auckland,
New Zealand


June Kim. Introduction to Processing: Technology into Arts and Arts into Technology.
SIGGRAPH Asia 2017, November 27 – 30. https://sa2017.siggraph.org/attendees/courses?view=session&sid=4

Kerrie Mengersen, Erin E. Peterson, Samuel Joseph Clifford, Julie Vercelloni, Nan Ye, June Kim, Tomasz Bednarz, Ross Brown, Allan James, Alan R. Pearse, Jac Topsy Mengersen Davis, Vanessa Hunter. Modelling imperfect presence data obtained by citizen science. DOI: 10.1002/env.2446, Environmetrics · May 2017.

June Kim and Tomasz Bednarz. Virtual Reality to Save Endangered Animals: Many Eyes on the Wild. IEEE VR 2017, Los Angeles, USA, March 18 – March 22. http://ieeevr.org/2017/program/videos.html

Tomasz Bednarz, Steven Psaltis, Julie Vercelloni, June Kim, Ross Brown, Allan James, Kevin urrage, Samuel Joseph Clliford, Jac Topsy Mengersen Davis, Kerrie Mengersen, Erin E. Peterson. Virtual Reality for Conservation. DOI: 10.1145/2945292.2945319, The 21st International Web3D Conference.


June Kim. Implementing technologies in art curation and art making. On|Off 100101010 Symposium, Singapore, October 11 – 13, https://onoff100101010.com/artists-and-artworks/artists/

June Kim. Creative collaboration and Collaborative creation. SI3 forum (Seoul International Imagination Industry), Seoul, Korea, July 5 – 7, 2017. http://www.seouli3.org/



SIGGRAPH Asia 2023
Conference Chair

International Resources Committee (Since 2014) Diversity and Inclusion Committee (2019 - 2021)



Indeed v.03
3rd ON|OFF 100101010 media art gallery at the EPICentre, UNSW Art & Design, Sydney, Australia

Indeed v.01
UNSW Art & Design open day

Indeed v.02
1st ON|OFF 100101010 media art gallery at The Cube, QUT, Brisbane, Australia. 


3rd ON|OFF 100101010 media art gallery at the EPICentre, UNSW Art & Design, Sydney, Australia

2nd ON|OFF 100101010 media art gallery at the Media Art Nexus, NTU, Singapore, Singapore

1st ON|OFF 100101010 media art gallery at The Cube, QUT, Brisbane, Australia. 
* ON|OFF 100101010 is a collaborative art show that June Kim (UNSW) and Ina Conradi Chaves (NTU) develop and run.